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Now keep your washing machine worries at bay, for we are a one-stop washing machine repair and service provider catering to A-Z of washing machine concerns. We offer the best quality washing machine repair at the most affordable price. We are a door-to-door washing machine.

Washing Machine Repair & Service

Whether you are looking for a washing machine maintenance or washing machine service near me, we are there to help you out. We are the solution providers for all your washing machine concerns.

We have an expert team of certified technicians with years of experience and expertise in handling all kinds of washing machines- semi-washing machines, complete washing machines, top-load, and front-load. The technicians have an eye for details for all the parts and tools of the washing machine and track the problem in no time.

Why us?

If you are pondering on a washing machine repair service centre near me all the time, then we are here to help you out. Our services are a class apart for we offer:

1.        Locally managed & operated

2.        Home services in no time

3.        Affordable service charges

4.        Good Service warranty period

5.        Repair and service all brands and models

6.        Certified and experienced technicians

We are the leading washing machine service centre that offers the best quality and affordable washing machine services at your doorstep.

Washing machine services we offer

1.        Washing machine repair

2.        Washing machine installation

3.        Washing machine servicing

4.        Automatic Washing machine

5.        Front Loading washing machine

6.        Top loading washing machine

Our work process

1.        Schedule for service: You can either schedule for our service online or by calling. You have to book a time and date that is convenient to you. We will give an immediate response to your plan.

2.        Engineer’s visit: After confirming the schedule, our engineer will visit your doorstep and analyse your washing machine’s problem. He will explain to you the fault in your machine and will guide you about the parts that are to be replaced. The engineer will work to resolve your machine problem.

 3.        Service done: The engineer will replace the faulty part if he has it with him; else, he will purchase the defective machine part and will do the replacement the very next day or at the time convenient to you. The technician will buy the faulty washing machine part keeping the brand’s mind and the model of your washing machine.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide a positive experience for every customer through our experienced and talented washing machine technicians.

For all your washing machine service requirements we are a one-stop-destination because:

1.  Low price: We deliver the best quality services to our customers at affordable service charges as compared to our competitors. We also charge the correct price for the parts that will be replaced in your washing machine and will provide a warranty on its performance and function.

2.  Warranty: We provide a warranty of our services, epitomizing that we deliver the best and most genuine washing machine services.

3. Reliable and secure: We are a reliable and genuine washing machine service and maintenance service provider. We value the privacy of our customers and understand to keep their data aboutforheir address and contact details safe.

4. Genuine parts: We assure our customers that we will replace your faulty washing machine parts with genuine parts procured from a reliable source. We also charge lower prices for the parts as compared to our competitors. The guarantee period which we provide for the details such, the genuineness and sincerity of our service

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Washing machine repair in Mumbai- We are here

There are various appliances that we use to simplify the daily activities in our lives. One such appliance is a washing machine. The washing machine emerged out as one of the best conveniences, which we mostly take for granted. Well, that means we keep on using it until it finally breaks down. It makes you feel you are in the mountain of laundry to do on your own. The moment you realize some problem is there in your washing machine, don’t waste time. Schedule for Washing machine repair in Mumbai right away to check the possibility of water damage leading to more complications. If your washing machine fails to drain, spin, or refuses to turn on, then give us a call. Our professional team provides regular washing machine repair in Mumbai services to resolve the problem. Our expert technicians also offer you guidance on how to make preventative maintenance of your machine. We have expertise in washing machine repair services in Mumbai of various types.

  • Washing machines- Top loading
  • Washing machines- Front loading
  • Automatic Washing Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

When to call our washing machine service center in Mumbai?

There are few common washing machine problems which if you identify, need to call our experts.

  • If the washing machine acts dead or fails to turn on, you need to contact the specialists. 
  • If the washing machine fails to spin right or stops spinning, then you need experts to help.
  • If you notice excessive vibration in the machine, then immediately call us for assistance.
  • If there is water leaking from your washing machine, it can cause serious hazards, and you need our help.
  • When there is water draining in a machine, it may turn serious if not resolved on time.
  • If the washed clothes show spots non-removable by soap, it may be due to transmission oil coming from the defunct transmission.

In all the above scenarios, you need the assistance of professional experts.

One of the leading washing machine brands of India is Samsung. Due to regular wear and tear, malfunctioning is common to see in any machine. But timely Samsung Washing machine repair in Mumbai by our experts will ensure that it serves you long and without giving your trouble. You can avail of our annual washing machine maintenance and repair services. Our experts will visit your place and thoroughly check the reason for the malfunction and fix the issue.

LG is another trusted brand in the washing machine electronics segment in India. The brand is having a good number of satisfied customers under the belt. New models are also now in the market from LG. In case you are facing any problem with your LG machine after the warranty period, call us. We offer LG washing machine repair in Mumbai servicesWe promise to offer the best services and repair the machine to proper functioning.

Panasonic is another brand having a decent number of customers for washing machines in Mumbai. For smart wash, many are now switching to Panasonic. We have a dedicated team with us for the Panasonic washing machine repair service in Mumbai. Our experts understand every aspect of the Panasonic washing machine and can detect the issues in no time. With patience and care, the issue will be investigated to make the machine functional.

Slowly and steadily, Bosch is making its presence felt in the washing machine vertical of the electronics industry. The features and functions of the Bosch machine are always the best. Well, so there is good demand for this brand. Do you have a washing machine from Bosch, and need repair? If yes, then call our Bosch washing machine service center in Mumbai. We promise to help you fix the problem with your machine.

Is there any functional issue with your Whirlpool washing machine? Do you need Whirlpool Washing machine repair in Mumbai? If yes, we are your one-stop destination to fix the issue and repair it back to a functional one. We need a call from your end, and our Whirlpool washing machine expert team will be right there at your place to repair your machine back in shape.

BPL washing machine has huge demand in the market. It offers both front load and top load machines. Both automatic and semi-automatic models are available in their catalogue. If you are one of those customers in love with BPL machines, which needs repair for their washing machine model, then feel free to give us a call. We offer a dedicated BPL washing machine repair service in Mumbai. We always provide a guarantee for quality services.

Voltas Beko offers various capacity models of washing machines in the market. Well, that what makes it one of the trusted brands of the industry. For any type of Voltas washing machine repair in Mumbai services, we are here to assist you. Our experts will make a thorough investigation to find the root cause of the issue. Repair work done using genuine spare parts only. 

Sharp is one of the trusted brands for offering a wide range of washing machines The machines get designed and not just for efficiency but also to deliver productivity when doing laundry cleaning. Time to time repairing activities is a must to allow the machine to serve you long. Well, so Sharp machine repair in Mumbai for parts is a standard service. We are here to offer you the best service in Mumbai for your Sharp machine. 

Godrej is now offering washing machines with an in-built heater. It uses a unique roller coaster wash technology to provide you with germ-free wash. This feature is winning the hearts of the homemakers looking for a hassle-free and hygienic laundry wash. With time some parts may need repair and, for that, we are here to offer you Godrej Washing machine repair in Mumbai. Our experts ensure to use genuine spare parts to repair your machine at an affordable price. 

Videocon is a brand which is ruling the market for many years in the different electronics segments. In the washing machine segment, it offers the most advanced models of the washing machine. If you are looking for Videocon Washing machine repair in Mumbai for your model, then our services are available for you. Our speciality is that we have a dedicated team for respective brands of washing machines. Only a Videocon washing machine expert will attend to your case.

Among the available, please trustworthy brands of washing machines in India, Electrolux is one. A good percentage of the homeowners now preferring the models of Electrolux for their laundry needs. In case of sudden breakdown or malfunctioning of any parts, there is a need for repair. If you need Electrolux washing machine service center in Mumbai to repair your machine, then we are happy to assist you.

Customer satisfaction matters to us, and so we ensure to offer quality services at the best price. To know more about our washing machine repair service in Mumbai, feel free and give us a call. 

Washing machine service center in Navi Mumbai- We are just a call away!

Washing Machine is one of the most valued house appliances in today’s time. Laundry works these days seems impossible when you don’t have a good washing machine to assist you in laundry work. The advanced models of the leading washing machine brands are designed to turn both washing and drying an easy affair. But with time, there may be a need to go for Washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. The machines are not that economical to replace old with a new one. People prefer to go for Washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai to keep the machine, functional and long-lasting for them.

Many will say when we have a guarantee period available with the machine at the time of buying, then why should we go with a washing machine repair service in Navi Mumbai? Well, the question is valid, and we have a justified answer to give. The guarantee period, which is mostly given by companies, ranges between 3 to 5 years. Exceptional cases can be there, but here we took the common guarantee or warranty period, given by leading brands. What will happen if there is a need to repair after the warranty period? If you approach the company for a repair or parts replacement request, that will cost you high. In such a scenario, you need to look for professional companies offering these services at an economic price.

We are one of the trusted companies of the industry which managed to create a niche. Our experts working in our Washing machine service center in Navi Mumbai are experienced and professionally trained. Our sole motto is to offer the best service to our clients at affordable fees. We do not compromise on quality as customer satisfaction matters to us. Our experts will first investigate the issues faced by you and then will come up with a solution. We confirm clients firm the root cause and associated expenses to repair. Once agreed, we proceed to repair the machine and fix it. We are very transparent in our business ethics.

 Brands of washing machines that we repair

Are you using a Sharp fully automatic washing machine? Well, then you must have enjoyed its great features. But what about if you suddenly face any problem with your washing machine. You will surely need to give a call to our technicians for the best Sharp washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. Well, here we are the best in the industry. We ensure to fix all shortcomings in the washing machine and serve you the best. 

No doubt, Samsung has emerged as one of the leading washing machine brands in India. Do you wish to enjoy the long-term functionality of your model of Samsung washing machine? If yes, then it is necessary to take proper care of the machine. Calling our experts for Samsung Washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai will help you to get the best service all the way. Our experts confirm that our advanced repairing option will help to enhance the longevity of the Samsung washing machine. Hence, call us today and get our full-fledged service. 

Panasonic is also a well-known brand that produces a wide range of washing machines with variations in features. The brand also possesses a good number of customers who love to use the Panasonic washing machine. No doubt, over the years, the washing machine may experience different problems, and here we, as the best provider Panasonic washing machine repair service in Navi Mumbai, can help youYou can call us and get our trustworthy service at an affordable price. 

Among top washing machine brands, LG is holding the leading position. Customers used different washing machine models and here we are to offer reliable service. We have experienced technicians who have long years’ experience in LG washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. To date, we have served large numbers of customers who are exclusive customers of the LG brand. Our team promise to offer updated service to repair the machine for proper functioning.

The renowned brand Bosch is having a decent number of customers for its different products. And yes, one of its products is the washing machine range. The features and functionality of the washing machines of Bosch are best without any doubt, but still, the machines can face troubles over the years. So, whenever you require the best Bosch Washing machine service center in Navi Mumbai, we are here. We will fix all the problems with your washing machine. 

The demand for BPL washing machines is never-ending, and the company has a wide customer base for its washing machines of different models. Despite the excellent performance, sometimes customers suffer from hazards while using their washing machines. Here we are to offer you a stable solution resolving the problems of your washing machines. So, if you are in search of technicians who will offer real-time service to your washing machine, you can call us as we are the best BPL Washing machine service center in Navi Mumbai.

Whirlpool, a reliable name among top washing machine brands. But are you facing some issues with your whirlpool washing machine? Don’t worry and give a call to our technicians. We have emerged as the top service provider in Whirlpool washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. We have technicians who possess updated knowledge of the features and functionality of washing machines of different models. So, grab our best service today at an affordable cost. 

No doubt, the front load washing machine of Voltas Beko is famous for its energy-efficient feature. But are you recently facing some issues while operating the washing machine? If yes, you can call us to get the best repairing service. We have emerged as one of the leading centers for Voltas Beko washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. We ensure to resolve all the issues with immediate effect. 

Has your Electrolux washing machine suddenly stopped working? No doubt, Electrolux is a renowned brand in high-end washing machines. But, after regular usage, the machine can face some troubles for which you need to call technicians. If you are searching for a reliable Electrolux washing machine service center in Navi Mumbai to fix the issue in your machine, we are happy to assist you.

For many years, Videocon washing machines are popular in the market. The brand has lots of consumers all over the world. If you are suddenly need servicing of the washing machine, you can feel free to call us. We are among the leading center for Videocon Washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. You will get on-time service from our professionals within your budget. 

Many are admirers of Godrej washing machines for their excellent features. If you are using the Godrej washing machine, you will surely love the roller coaster technology used in the machine. But, is the technology not working suddenly? Well, we are here to give you the best service in Godrej Washing machine repair in Navi Mumbai. Our technicians will do the necessary repairing applying the best methods. 

We already mentioned that customer satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure quality services for clients. Do you want to know more in detail about the steps involved in our service protocol? Want to get a sneak peek of our company? If yes, then feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.